A first level of reflection, on the "Urban Loire within the Metropolitan district". The area concerned stretches on the North bank from the Western ring road as far as Rochecorbon and on the South bank, from the ring road as far as Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, a linear distance of 9 km, including a built-up section 4 km long. The teams must present their plans for this linear section.

The second level is that of specific projects for targeted sectors. The teams will be asked to develop two proposals that link in with and implement their strategy. One of the two sites must be taken from the list below:

  1. the Northern contact point with the ring road
  2. the Southern contact point with the ring road and the Prieuré de Saint-Cosme (Priory of St. Cosmas)
  3. the axis between the old dyke and the heart of La Riche (South bank)
  4. the Manoir de Rochecôtes, Quai de Maisons Blanches to Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire (North bank)
  5. Simon island, Napoléon bridge
  6. the embankments on either side of Wilson bridge
  7. the axis between the Château de Tours and the Cathedral, the footbridge and Quai Paul Bert
  8. Aucard island and Sainte-Radegonde park
  9. the Tours Centre interchange on the A10 motorway
  10. the Marmoutier Abbey site and the Boulevard Abel-Gance roundabout (North bank)
  11. from the Saint-Georges crossroads to Lulu park (North bank)
  12. the allotment/leisure centre site in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (South bank)