Contest aims

The aim of organising this competition is to involve a large number of different designers who will bring fresh eyes to Tour's Loire landscapes. The ultimate aim is to write a new page of history by proposing ideas for projects, different functions for these emblematic or out-of-the-way places, or new appropriations for forgotten or unexploited sites. Part of the ambition is also to initiate a reconquest by imagining developments that will enable a sustainable process to be set in motion for the years to come. To provide the input for the reflection to come, an online public consultation process entitled "Envie(s) de Loire" will be launched concomitantly using the Carticipe tool. The wishes ("envies") expressed by citizens between May and September will be passed on to the candidates.

This competition will participate in creating a dialogue between the river and the city, between the urban riverbanks and the natural spaces up and downstream of the city centre. To raise awareness of the diversity of the landscapes along the Loire, to lay the first foundation stones of a strategy, to create innovative spaces, to listen to what the river itself has to tell us so that we can dialogue with it and its history: these are things the Métropole wants to see emerge from this Ideas Competition.